Hi, I'm Alex.

Get off my site.

JK Just Scroll Down

I make websites. This is all wrong.


  • This is me.

    I'm Alex, but please, call me Alex Smith. There are too many Alexes in close proximity at any given time.

    I love everything, except for this rendition of Fight Song and that fucking pedestrian crossing beacon on Laurel St.

  • I live here.

    San Francisco? I can't fucking afford that.

    I lived in Bellingham for year but couldn't deal with appropriation of Canadian accents.

    For now, I have returned home to Fort Collins.

  • I do this.

    I no longer do this.

    I have changed career paths and am working on a new website accordingly.

    Please accept my sincerest apologies. Actually they're not that sincere, but still.

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